Task 1: Low Level Hashing

Stage 1 

 Always choose ((01100101 00110101 01100100 00110111 01100011 01100110 01100110 01100101 00110010 00110101 00110110 00110101 00110100 01100110 00110111 + e3a1e334118c71549)) 

1) 1f3870be274f6c49b3e31a0c6728957f

2) 72b302bf297a228a75730123efef7c41

3) 005d05de29487ec44cd07bd9d757d4e1

4) 8ee2027983915ec78acc45027d874316

Stage 2

Hint : stage 1

((key)) + apple + carrot

Stage 3

Let ((key)) + apple + carrot = copy  

(copy) +  12cba3ee81cf4a793796a51b6327c678

Stage 4

Let (copy) +  12cba3ee81cf4a793796a51b6327c678 = doublecopy

Convert doublecopy into 9d7183f16acce70658f686ae7f1a4d20

Stage 5

Count all the doublecopy

   NOTE: Attach code to the answer (code + answer)

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