how to do ‘phishing’ attacks easily?

so, in my previous post, i talked about what is phishing-attack how it is done? and if you read it properly I promised you to provide the exact resources to do this attack and here we go,


I do recommend you to use temp-mail, cause this site does not seems to have SSL certificate unlike ours.  If you don’t want to sign up try our login

Username: 00000pp

Password: 00000.pp

Or just click on sign-up on the site… you can do sign-up easily,

After sign up, you will see a dashboard like this

z-shadow window

On the sidebar click on the link you want, and do get you the link after the adds finish, but and the phishing site of zshadow look like this   z-shadow phishing site sample

I tried a fake log in into this and yes it works, I got victim’s login and password in the panel

z-shadow victim caught

Click on my victim and see, everything about the victim

victim information

So this was the easiest way you have got there, but the problem here is that victim you fooled, might suffer a lot as their passwords are stored in the z-shadow server, and they might do anything from it.

Now you can host your very own web page, yes it is easy, and use it for phishing,

For making your own phishing page you will require a web host, and the exact same looking page of that site you want to clone

Use super phinisher to make the phishing page of the site you want then, host those files on the free host like. 000webhost, infinitely free,5gb free and this host provide subdomain also, so you don’t need to worry about that also.

  • Download it super phinisher
  • Extract and run it
  • In the [url of login box] Type that URL which you want to make fake page ex:
  • 2nd your password txt file passowrd.txt
  • name of fake page file same as smaple.php
  • site to be redirected after victim log in

this tool is quite old and might not function properly there is also a tool shell phish which can be used in kali, for the same purpose, I will tell how to use it in kali sessions

all these stuff are for educational purpose only

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