The y2k bug also called the year 2000 bug or the Millennium, was a problem in the coding of the computerized system, at that time storage was too costly so, programmers used two-digit code to save the year, for example, the year 1980 was saved as 80. this created havoc as the year 2000 would be saved as 00 and the computer will misinterpret it.

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what this bug had caused?

this bug might lead to some serious problems in banks, airports, power plants

in banks if the bug was have not been fixed this bug have been lead to the calculation of wrong simple interset (basically negative simple interest) which might lead to a banking disaster.

even the transport system would be affected as we need correct date and time would be needed for making a schedule of buses, planes and even trains.

even the bug would have caused the damage to many power plants that used the computer for there schedule maintenance.

how the y2k bug was solved?

there was not a particular solution to the y2k problem, it was solved by hiring professional who used to have a basic knowledge of computers, these professionals used to replace the two-digit year code the four-digit year code manually . over more than $30 million was spend to solve this bug in UK and USA.

what is comming next?

there is a similar problem coming in 2038 know as the 2038 bug, which is caused due to the 32- bit processor and there limitations to processing data. this problem is the next big version of the 2038 problem and it might lead to sever more damage if not fixed in time, as now computers are everywhere then 2000’s. and we are going to have a thought on this problem in the next article.

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