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10 Useful Windows 10 Shortcut Keys


today, we are going to tell you about some of the shortcuts which you will find useful while using your windows p.c. hope you find this useful.

  • Windows Key +A – This shortcut key help you to open access center directly and access center is the notification center in windows 10 or windows 8.1
  • Windows Key +I – This shortcut key help you to open settings app directly and from setting app you can change your windows settings ex: change app permission, desktop wallpaper, network and internet, updates, etc.
  • Windows Key + Ctrl+ D – This shortcut key help you to create a virtual Desktop and from this, you can shift your work from one desktop to another.
  • Windows Key + Tab – This shortcut key enables you to open up the Task View and with the help of Task View you can easily switch your open applications or virtual desktops.
  • Windows Key + X – This shortcut key opens up the list that appears when you right-click on the start menu and under this list you can directly access power options, event viewer, network connections, disk management, et Cetra.
  • Windows Key + E – This shortcut key helps in launching the File Explorer directly and
  • Windows Key + PrtScn – This shortcut key take a screenshot of window that gets saved in your pc under computer>Pictures>Screenshots.
  • Windows Key + L – This shortcut key used in locking the desktop and with the help of this

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