How Hacker’s Hide Secret File Inside an Image

Steganography is the process of hiding secret messages in plain display, with the help of this process the hackers or attackers can keep there secret message hidden from others and send safely to the receiver end. The main purpose of steganography is to keep all the communication secure.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hiding the information behind the image is simply known as image steganography. There are many online and offline tools to hide your message behind the image some are:

To hide secret message from the encrypted image

1) first open the mobilefish link ( I’ll show you how to hide image though mobilefish, you can use any of these 👆👆 )

2)Select the Encrypt Option and upload a cover image and secret file image

3) Enter your secret message in the textbox

4) Enter a password to secure your file in my case I type 123

5) Type the access code

6) Click on Encrypt button

7) Download the encrypted image

To unhide secrete message from the encrypted image

  1. Select the decrypt option from the same website

2. Upload the encrypted image

3. Enter Password and Access code

4. Click on Decrypt button

6. Scroll down and find the secret message box and you will see your secret message

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