Heya alphas, here is Xiepsilon for you all (and his inner soul). Today, I am doing something that I wanted to do for a very long time now. So yeah, it’s a nice feeling. This is my first blog ever (Oh yeah, Finally!), so I thought let’s start with the topic that I believe is the most important when it comes to having success in life which is ‘being focused’ on something, and that something can be anything that you like.

Well your likelihood should also be in the right direction because being focused on adverse things are going to make you end nowhere (We all know that, right?). But, being focused is not about losing a life and becoming a workaholic, as most people do by becoming an introvert. And also, as they say, “excess of everything is bad’, so it’s alright to live a little once a while. The best example of this is Elon Musk, who is doing everything and I mean, literally, everything. And who can say that he is not focused? And life becomes more comfortable when you start focusing on something because then you stop being confused and you’ve got a clear mind. Also, you start getting an idea about who you are (Human? Oh, speaking philosophically). Well, take me, your own Xiepsilon for instance, I was once a guy who could not focus on anything (though I don’t know if he still can do) and the maximum future I could think for myself was what would I have in dinner that day. But now, at least, I know what I am going to do with my life (Really? Are you sure?) , and now I know where I want to see myself in ten years. So yeah, I am pretty sure, life is a little easier now.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

So find your passion, and focus on it with all your heart and let’s see who can stop you from succeeding, then. Be focused but enjoy your life as well, that’s what I believe, and I think we all should too (Oh, like you’re always right). So, at last, I could say thank you, but that would be formal, and I don’t want to be official with my alphas, I think we all are friends. So let’s be friendly and skip the formalities. Well, I hope I was able to connect with you all because that’s what my aim was. Okay then catch you all later.


PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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2 thoughts on “BEING FOCUSED

  1. rhythmn6 says:

    I love wat u write its simple n cn b easily connectd wid keep it up

    1. Xiepsilon says:

      thanks rhythmn6. I love that you love what I write. I will surely try to level it up with every word I write. And make sure you keep supporting me.. haha


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