Heya alphas, Xiepsilon here (and his inner soul). Today, I thought that I should write about the most precious thing in the whole humongous universe, which is, time. Time affects us in a very bizarre way; it changes our perspective towards everything, our behavior and even our personality (Yeah, I am an alive witness of that). I can say this with real confidence that time changes people because when you are just a three year old and you are watching a movie you become happy by only seeing the moving pictures, but when you grow up a little you start understanding the story. And after that, you start focusing on the small details like hero/heroine, their looks, glamour (and that are the only details, he sees movies for), dialogues, costumes, personality, et cetera.

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So time changes one’s perspective in every step of life. It’s also true that time also varies conditions as the case happened with my very close friend, Yakshit Pant and me. He was the guy who planned out his all ten years in his high school first year. And me, I was going with the flow as I told you in my previous blog, I didn’t even plan my next day homework so future planning to me, was like traveling at a speed of light (You could have said impossible, bloody show off). But, at this very present, all the things he planned didn’t work out, and now he plays an online multiplayer game on his mobile all day long. And me, well you know, at least I am not getting any fatter (Liar!). Well, jokes apart, I really believe that my friend Yakshit is made to do something big in his life (Touch wood, I believe that too) because he is something when it comes to Mathematics. Anyways, time does not just change an individual; it also changes the culture, surroundings, problems, and most of all, technology. It contributes a massive role in all those areas, like at first we were using keypad phones, but now there are smartphones everywhere. The Internet has become a need today. At first, we had problems like kingdoms, heirs, and conquest, but now we have political parties, elections, and vote. We, as humans, have always tried to lead towards improvement over time and in a way, we have achieved it. However, there is still so much space for further progression.

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Time is the most powerful phenomenon in this world or any other world possible. You can play your toys with nature, and even with other planets but, never with time (at least not for now, which is a relief by the way). So, never get demoralized because you don’t know when the time would start flowing in your direction. And one more thing, you also got to work according to the time, because time is never with you, you have to adapt yourself to it. So I think, that’s it for today, I hope you felt a connection with my words. I did what I had to do, and you do what you have to do (He means ‘SUPPORT ME’). Okay, then catch you all later with my next blog.


PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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