Heya alphas, Xiepsilon is here for you again (and his inner soul too). Well, you must have already guessed by reading the title, today we will predict the most likely things to happen in the future (Is it just me, or are you excited too?).

So, when we talk about the future, I think there are a lot of storylines present, regarding it. It can be like Avatar (2009) or like Wall-E (2008), leaving the earth when it’s no more suitable for human habitat due to global warming, and going in search of other planets. Or maybe it can be like Maze Runner trilogy, curing the infected ones of the attack of a fatal virus (Well avoid getting into the conspiracy with the WCKD). Or even maybe, something dark like Total Recall (2012) or something exciting like Ready Player One (2018) or even something scientific like Interstellar (2014). Well, it can be anything out of the above storylines. Well, when we think about the future, there is always one thing common, and that is, robots (Yup, they are mandatory).

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Let’s talk about them more professionally; let’s talk about artificial intelligence. We all know that the future would be very dull without the introduction of artificial intelligence. There are still a lot of questions about it, whether it will be a help or a threat. Well, I don’t have an answer to that question, but I know one thing for sure, A.I will see us as a species and nothing more and when it observes us harming nature and other wildlife, it will surely try to stop us by hook or crook. So, we have to be a little careful while developing A.I (Little? I vote for ‘more than little’). Now, what else you see when you think about the future (Extinction!), well ignore my inner soul, yes, of course, teleportation (Well, I thought flying cars, no one could think about teleporting). It is my real pleasure to tell you that teleportation is no more fiction; it has become a reality. Though right now, it is happening at the atomic scale, in the future, we would be teleporting humans and even objects (Now, that’s news). So, we have talked about the elements of the future, but the question is still, what would be the future? No one’s got the accurate answer to that question, but one could predict it. It could be dark as I believe that, somewhere deep inside me though I don’t want it to happen. Maybe in the future, we would face the actual problems of global warming, or we would be trapped right in the middle of a Nuclear war or which would be named, World War III (Scary! Can we talk about something else?).

Image by Javier Rodriguez from Pixabay

Well, it can also be pretty awesome as we all want it to be. We could have those flying cars, and there would be something that, if launched, we would instantly become the slaves of it. Yes, I am talking about the ‘Internet of Things’ which would be connecting the internet to all of your home appliances, which means your whole house will become a goldmine for the hackers. Well, except that, it will be of real use, and it will also be pretty awesome. And about hackers, well I think there will be some sort of embedded securities regarding it. So, we conclude, the future can be anything, awesome or awful, whatever it will be, remember this mantra, live your life to the fullest (and keep reading our blog). And who knows, in the future, maybe we have invented the time machine and if we have, and I have become famous, please come to and meet me, today’s date is 8th July 2019 and time is 2305 hours.
Five minutes later
Well, no one did, so we haven’t invented the time machine yet (Ugh, stop being cheesy). I think that’s all for today; I hope you got connected with me. Okay, then catch you all later with my next blog.


PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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