Heya alphas, Xiepsilon is here, again (and his omega. Yes, I am back!). I am sorry for my delayed post, it took a lot of research to bring you with this blog, and I am hoping that you would say, after reading it, that it was worth waiting. So, Walking parallel to myself, well, what does it mean? My Astrophysics loving alphas must have got it, yup, today I am going to talk about, what I feel is the most intriguing topic, alternative universe. For my alphas, who don’t know about the Many World Interpretation, the question arises, what is an alternate reality? But, before that, we have to understand what a parallel universe is? (Oh, you are going to tell us that? Who are you again?). Well, a parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one’s own (And yeah thanks to Wikipedia for the definition).

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In simple words, a parallel universe is another universe that is exactly like ours, but events in it are quite different to ours, so, we can say that duplicate earth, which we call Counter-Earth, exists. They are not the same, because we believe that in some parallel universe, maybe there are wholly different laws, there can be a universe like ours with no laws of motion (I mean how cool is that? Physics would be so comfortable there). Now the second query that arises in our mind is, are alternate realities and parallel universes the same? They are not. Alternate reality is the term which is related at the individual level (Yeah, that’s the thing, we saw in Endgame. Well, talking about Endgame, RDJ, I love you 3000). I mean, it is possible that in some alternate reality you are a billionaire and in other, maybe the President. And while parallel universe, deals only with the things on which the universe pays attention. There is also a theory of eternal inflation, in which we say that, at the time of Big Bang, when inflation started, it produced not just one, but many bubble universes, which are altogether called the multiverse (No, we are not sure, its just a hypothesis, if that’s what you’re thinking). But, we do not know whether it is fine to call those bubble universes, parallel universes. One more theory is there regarding the multiverse, and it’s a new one, the ekpyrotic theory which usually states that, before the time when two branes collided, the universe took birth, but those branes would have collided in multiple locations, which resulted into the multiverse. Well, coming back to the topic, alternative universe, now how does it work? There is a theory that whenever you make a choice, a new universe is born. Like if you are walking on a road, and there comes a diversion, you take a left, so somewhere in another universe you must have taken a right. Well, so you can say that there are infinite universes present in space, as you make a lot of choices in the whole lifetime.

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So, there are a lot of replicas of you walking around in space with the same genetic configuration as you have. I mean, maybe they are more abundant, or perhaps they are in worse condition, who knows? (I wish I could meet anyone of them). Well, what my omega proposed, everyone wishes or must be wishing for that. But, unfortunately, it is quite impossible, that’s what the scientists say. There is a term called Hubble volume, which, in simple words, represents the only part that is observable for the universe, due to the limitation of cosmic vision by light. The Big Bang happened approximately 14 billion years ago, so we cannot see beyond 14 billion light-years, then we would never get to know if other universes even exist (That’s disappointing). But, I genuinely believe in the parallel universe theory, it gives me a little satisfaction that somewhere in the space, I have got lots of girlfriends or I am the genius in the whole world, or maybe I am a superhero or something (Or in one of those, you are not my body).

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Well, I believe that your aim should be that your replica is jealous of you. I think that’s it for today; there is still so much that I wanted to write, but it has already become quite a long blog. However, I will try to write more on such topics in the coming future (Or maybe not, depending on the support). Before saying goodbye, there is a message that I wanted to give my home country, India. I know that we still haven’t recovered from the event on 9th July, but there is always a glimpse of light in the complete darkness, though this is the news, of two months ago, it is essential to highlight this, at this point of time for my Indian alphas. Our Indian dancing group, The Kings won the World of Dance competition (Which is the biggest dancing platform) with a perfect score. So if we have lost something, we have gained something too. And you can see all their performances, especially last performance (Its a must watch) on YouTube; it is just awesome. Well, then catch you all later.


PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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