Heya alphas, Xiepsilon is here for you all (with his omega). Well, last time we talked about an alternate reality, and that topic gave me a fascinating idea. What if every scientific theory or everything that we believe is wrong? Well, when I researched a little on the subject, I found out about Chuck Klosterman who is the author of ‘But What If We’re Wrong?’, and in this blog, I will mostly be quoting his book.

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Well, an interesting observation that Chuck produced was, in history, we have always been proved wrong. Like, Aristotle, who was the smartest guy once was disproved by Galileo, who was overlapped by Newton and then, Einstein ruled the arena. And still, there have been little whispers about Einstein being wrong. So according to Chuck, history will be repeating itself in the upcoming future. In this blog, we will encounter the argument of stimulated reality later on.

So, first let’s think it in this way, we all have encountered Mathematics. Well, when we solve a Calculus or Algebra problems (Wait, how do you know these words? I am damn sure he doesn’t know what he is talking about). Sometimes we precisely do everything, every calculation in the most precise manner possible. But still, we get the wrong answer just because we did something wrong at the beginning. Well, what if we did something just, like that? Maybe, we began the wrong way at the starting of the foundations.

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Though I am not proposing anything, it’s all just a thought, my hypothesis. But what I am trying to say is, maybe we looked at the world in a different way which was not reality. We believe what we think is right until it is proven wrong, which we all do, including me. Though, as Chuck said in an interview, I don’t feel completely secure in that belief. We have to keep a little sense of doubt about everything. Everything develops with whether it is politics, music, dance, or anything else for that matter. The music we listen to now will completely change in the next 200 years. And maybe they won’t even know the existence of pop stars like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, or the rock bands like Beetles or Maroon 5.

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Well, now let’s come to the topic for which some of you alphas was waiting for, ‘stimulation argument’ which was first popularized by Nick Bostrom. He mentioned that we all are just a game piece in a hyper-advanced game of “The Sims.” Well, if that is true, then it is a disturbing thought because then it’s all for nothing. We live according to what they want (Here ‘They’ are the ones controlling us), and us dying is just a ‘Game Over’ notification. Well, if that’s what the truth is, then whom would you consider the best player of our virtual game? Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Elon Musk or who else? (Well for me, it’s ME). Well, nothing is static for us; it keeps changing with every discovery we come around.

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And moreover, we usually have second thoughts almost about everything (What’s the cause of it?). I think it’s all because of our emotions and as we all say, Human emotions are complicated. Let’s talk about it separately; guess what? I just got my topic for the next blog (Thanks to you). Okay then, catch you all later.

PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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