3 ways to rhyme without butchering the message

Hip hop has evolved, and along with it the artists have evolved too. Through the evolution the rap game got more complex. Now expectations are high, and artists are rhyming crazy. Some of ’em are even rhyming the whole sentences! And ofcourse this can sometimes lead to overusing/abusing the rhyme scheme.
In the Inception, syllable count was not a major concern. Rhyming one or two syllables was enough but now people’s expectations are so high that artists are trying to rhyme 4-5 syllable or more. Some artist are using multi-syllable rhyming scheme to hide their inadequate skill regarding wordplays and punchlines.

Forced sounding Rhyme-

You have to know the difference between Natural and forced sounding rhymes. I will give you an example of forced rhyme-
I am fustigating, I am like a junkie mating
And some debating, that stuntin’ skating
Is culmminating, Wasted months in waiting
I can see all dummies hatin’, trying my luck with dating
Runnin’ Racing, i am coming aiming.

You can look above example and see that at this point there really is no message in the lines. I am just rhyming anything to make it four syllables. Here are some things you should consider before writing a rap.

Put your message first-

Whenever you are writting anything always put your idea before technique. Don’t try to be all lyrical, miracle, spiritual in your raps. One thing you can do is consider the message and then apply the rhymes. This way you can avoid this trap of getting stuck in the rhyme vortex.
I read somewhere that Eminem writes his verse and then breaks it down bar to bar and try to add internals in it. So I would advise you to do this yourself too!

You don’t need to do it-

Artist now are in so much pressure about rhyming, I will advise you taker that pressure off your head. You don’t need to rhyme 4 or 6 syllable in order to be more lyrical. There are so many other ways that you can improve on. Make you wordplay better, write killer punchlines and you will be respected.
There are so many artists who rhyme simple but their flow, delivery, and substance is so good that it prevails over their basic rhymes.

Be thoughtful-

If you are Rhyming multi-syllables, then you should spend some time in it. You should always give more thought to it. I have seen many artists who do not give much thought about what they are writing and the end result is just messed up.
You may end up talking about how you saved a man’s life and in the next line it can be how you killed your Grandma. Don’t let your pride take over you. Many times you are capable of rhyming 4 bars but you keep going on to 10 and it just becomes a complete mess.

Alright that was all for now. Keep practising after all, this is an art. And be sure to check out my other post too and If you got any problem comment!

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