so, tired of using google drive, or just fill out 15gb free storage of your g-drive well we will be listing top alternatives of google drive that we love and personally use

firstly we are not going to add onebox,icloud and dropbox to our list they are like downgraded versions of g-drive in terms of storage.

yandex – this Russian service from a Russian search engine, proves Russian never fails to impress, it has all you want

  • Storage- well this Russian beat American by proving 20gb of free storage
  • Security- well Yandex provided the best to it here, they also have a privacy feature here
  • Privacy- this Russian never ever tracks you unlike google which is just the online replacement of pados wale aunty
  • Bonus- it has Yandex drive similar to the dropbox app, plus the best part is that it comes handy when you use Microsoft office, you can directly transfer your files into it, just replacing one drive (well quite useful, I am writing this article on WordPad bro)

MEGA – this site beats google drive in each in every race.  Let me give you a clear pointwise review

  • Storage- mega gives 50gb of storage, google drive is not even half of it
  • Security –  mega have a vast list  of features it has a time limit for the shared file after which file automatically expires, it provides you encryption key when you share your file, make it more secure
  • Privacy- mega never ever track you, unlike google which is just the online replacement of pados wale aunty.
  • Bonus – you can also email large files using mega and thunderbird. Well that is a cool feature, this feature is coined as MEGAbird

media fire –  this might have less storge then g-drive but still it ,made its way to the countdown

  • Storage-  just 10gb hah.. but still impressive speed, yahh those annoying adds are there (don’t worry we will let you know soon how to remove them)
  • Security- don’t offer some cool features like mega’s encryption but still, it has got things like a one-time link.
  • Privacy- yay it doesn’t track you but the adds do.
  • Bonus- they offer unlimited bandwidth, yes just upload file the file on media fire and let the whole internet download it

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  1. Heya gaurav, yes it’s me, Xiepsilon. Loved your blog, but i have one query (forgive me for my annoying habit), if all these alternatives are providing us so much good, then why google drive is more successful than all these, or are they? I mean is it just me who haven’t heard any single name out of all the above alternatives…

    Wish you well
    keep the good work going and thanks!!

    1. Gaurav Tewari

      firstly google own a monopoly all over the world in internet ,except Europe and china. it never seems to follow fair business practices,always promote its services take advantages of developing android by pre-installing g-drive and other google own apps, you can see there tv commercials of these apps, but other companies don’t have such huge funds , to they invest in there services and leave the rest work on people like us, to promote them by writing blogs 😀

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