Brave browser-the best ever ad blocker

So, tired of annoying adds? those pop-up and google always tracking you, well we have a solution,


BRAVE BROWSER has just rethought the internet, they have come with a smart way to protect the user and the webmaster.

So, what braver browser does is it use an ad blocker to block ads, but then, why? websites are supporting it? Actually, brave has rethought the internet, it blocks adds on the site which you don’t want to see, but if you are ready to see adds and earn money, they are ready!!!! Well they just pay you to open there add surf the internet without the adds

Brave comes with a great idea, it blocks adds on websites you visit and provides you option for getting paid in $ for watching adds which pays you as well as website owners, don’t worry the adds brave will show you will respect your privacy… then adds shown here are just like those YouTube adds and  will only be shown when you click on show adds, and even you will be paid for seeing adds in BAT(basic attention token) which you can keep in your wallet or donate to your fav. A publisher like us, there is no option currently to withdraw your earning if you are not a publisher, you have either have to donate your earning or wait till the withdraw money option is available. also, brave give monthly rewards just to use their apps in terms of BATs

If you don’t talk about the money brave is the best add blocker browser I have ever use, it is based on chrome, you don’t worry you can use it as normal

yes, download form our link and support us, yes brave will pay us if you download from our link and use the app for 30 days

download link

after download click on the triangular icon

now click on join rewards

yo!! you are ready to receive rewards

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