General Relativity for Dummies!

Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay

Hey! What’s up amigos? So by surfing a lot of stuff about the topic on the internet, you came up here! That’s pretty cool. So you made a great choice. Here it is that you are looking for. Yeah I know that you know the theory of general relativity, that’s awesome! But anytime you hit by a thought that you should go deep inside it? Did you? Like diving in the ocean of mathematics of general relativity. Yeah, it’s pretty tough though. Really tough! But here comes your friend, I’ll make it simple for you. Not as simple as a 10th-grade student, but yeah simple as a 10th-grade student. Oh no I just contradicted my statement!

So here is a demo of the PDF General Relativity for Dummies with easy mathematics of course!

That’s it here you go. If you want the full PD, mail me.

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