Google Chrome: 10 latest tips and tricks to make you use chrome like a dev!

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Chrome for Android is full of some hidden features which are kept hidden under either ‘flags'(used for the experimental purpose by developers) or not made public by Google itself. Like some of them can make your accessibility with webpage easier or like enabling dark mode for reducing eye stress as well.
In this post, we will talk about 10 of such hidden features that you surely should know

1. Add or Remove the home button

If you have noticed on some devices there is a home button on chrome, because some developers include a “ChromeCustomizations” APK in the system folder, which sets default values for the home button as well as bookmarks. But if the apk is not present on your device there is still a way to enable or disable the home button on Google Chrome.

Just paste chrome://flags/#force-enable-home-page-button into chrome, and select Enable in the menu(previously set as default) and restart the app(maybe twice). If your device comes with a home button and you don’t want it so that’s even easier just go to Chrome settings>Homepage, and set the switch to off.!

2.Force Zoom on any website

Sometimes the websites don’t allow zoom in or out on their mobile version of the site which can be annoying a lot! But that’s ok cause you can manually force zoom on any website. Just open Chrome settings>Accessibility, and mark/check force enable zoom. That’s it now you have got the ability to zoom on any website..

3.Manage Notification from websites

Notification from some sites can be annoying( if you have allowed it by mistake at the beginning) and don’t know how to shut that down. Well, you can, by going on Chrome Settings>Notifications from websites and turn off notifications or block notifications from selected sites.

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4. Add more search engines

Early there wasn’t an option for users to use a custom search engine for searching until google comes with version 57 which allowed custom sites to be run for searching online content.

It isn’t that difficult as it sounds, first go to any website(here and search something then go to chrome settings>seacrh engine there you will be able to see list of recently visited sites choose it as the default search engine and you are good to go.

5. Receive Facebook and Twitter Notifications on Chrome

Facebook, Twitter are some of the most used apps among all the social media platforms. But what if you don’t want any memory to be wasted or you don’t have your storage left for these heavy apps. But you can also get notifications from Facebook on your chrome. Just login to facebook and press the 3 dots and go to settings>notification and turn on Notifications. Same for twitter just turn on notifications and you will get notify for every event.

6. Enable Dark Mode

For all the waiting users the dark mode is now available on chrome to make it look much better. You can enable it by going to settings>themes and enable it according to your choice whether just start it when you are on power-saving mode or forcing it to dark every time. If you don’t see the theme option don’t panic on some devices it may not be available by default but you can enable it by just pasting chrome://flags#enable-android-night-mode on the search bar and enable the first option and it will ask for “relaunch the app” and you will also get the theme option next time you want to open or close dark mode, it will be handy.

7. Dark Mode on every webpage

By default, you don’t have an option to get dark mode on websites to cause they don’t allow dark theme support. But you can force some webpages to add night/dark mode to get a pleasing antistress view for your eyes in low light.

Just need to open another flag, paste chrome://flags#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode and enable it. Keep in mind that not all websites will get a dark theme and some may get a little choppy.

8. Save webpages once you are online

Sometimes clicking on the reload button and not getting to your destination can be very annoying but there is a way, you can set instructions to chrome to download the webpage when you will be online by just clicking on the download later icon(offline).

9. Save webpages as PDF Files

As mentioned above you can save any webpage, but you should know that you can also save any webpage as PDF file format on your device.

Just click on the address bar and click share here you will be given various platforms to share. Here you have to click on the print option and on the top select save as PDF and the webpage will be saved with the PDF format.

10. Tap on a word to search for it

Many of you know this simple feature but others are still not aware of it. That you can click on a word and google will search about it online at the bottom of the screen.

And these are the 10 some of best latest tips for you. Stay tuned for more

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