Gravity : Did we fully understood it ?

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Hello friends , here is something that can probably blow your mind. Have you ever heard about that if you drop an apple to the ground , its not the apple which is falling towards the ground . It’s the ground which is coming towards the apple ! No i haven’t lost my mind ! Go ahead .

Einstein said that for freely falling bodies the value of g ( acceleration due to gravity) is 0. He imagined a man freely falling with the elevator with a scale to measure its weight. He found that ( from his calculations) the scale shows 0 reading, which means that gravity does not acts on freely falling bodies, which means that they are not falling . Its the earth which is accelerating towards the earth, just think about it, very irrelevant.

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Then Newton come into play , nice try Einstein he said , he argue that if you ( Einstein) are telling that its the earth which is moving towards the apple, respect to what?.
There must be a reference point if you are defining some object’s motion.But there is nothing outside the space which can prove your theory about gravity .
Einstein then argue that think about a freely falling elevator in the deep space and at same time in the earth.

The objects on earth in the elevator behave same as they are in intergalactic space. So the objects inside it are inertial( non – accelerating).
Then Newton tell that “they are not inertial , they are are accelerating with a acceleration of 9.80655 ᵐ/ˢ²
So they can’t be inertial . The interior seems like 0 g because the pull of the earth mimicking some force in the opposite direction which is fake gravity. And this fake gravity is acting as to cancel the real downward acceleration of the object towards the earth.

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Einstein then said that, ” Look I’m just following your rules , you establish the test of what a inertial frame is, we put a object in intergalactic space it stays there , objects there pass that test, but on earth they also pass that test if the gravity is fictitious , more to the point if you are in a elevator (falling)there is no way to know that you are not in intergalactic space”.
Then countering this Newton said, “OK Einstein nice try , but think about the two objects in the elevator and imagine the elevator is falling , as earth attracts every object towards its center so the two Objects fall towards the earth , they will start accelerating towards each other.and the frame is non- inertial”.
Then Einstein said the rule that, ” Inertial frame( non – accelerating ) can’t accelerate relative to each other turns out only to be true if the world has flat geometry.
If we have a curved space time then the inertial frames can do whatever they want to do.
It took Einstein 8 years to think that what the gravity is and then he gave a beautiful theory THEORY OF GENERAL RELATIVITY.

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