how agent ‘Agent smith’ malware can affect you

So recently cybersecurity frim checkpoint has released a press release, which says over 25 million devices are infected by the malware ‘Agent smith’

So, let me explain

what agent smith malware do?

It firstly makes a way into your android phone, edit the code of some apps installed in it, then displays adds in those apps .so, basically, it is an adware- cum – malware.

It is harmful?

Yes, researches say it only displays adds, by making its way into the code of the app. Well, it can do a lot of this but the attackers just use it to display adds.. nice play. It could be hidden in any app of your phone, especially those Chinese, as this malware makes its way to your phone by those Chinese apps, attach itself to other apps and display adds on your phone. It was while spread by Chinese app stores such as 9apps widely spread in India. This way from the Chinese apps stores and apps this malware spread in India and affected over 15 million devices in India.

How to identify whether this malware is there on my phone? It’s easy if some apps on your phone are showing more adds, just popping of adds everywhere there might be a possibility that your phone might be infected by this ‘agent smith’.

How to remove agent smith?

Just uninstall the apps, see agent smith exploits a variability which was already fixed in 2017, but some app developer never paid attention to that and just keep bringing new features instead of security.

I hope now all your doubts are clear if any pls ask in the comment section….

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