How to become a front end developer in six Months?

Well, these types of questions raise a lot of attention and do have a lot of answers so today I am going to explain it in the right way.

To know how to become a web developer is a different thing but to know if the task can be achieved in a short period of three months is another.
so when we get back to the question of whether or not it is possible, the answer is yes!

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6 months are more than enough to become a web developer, but becoming a really good one is again based on the learning capabilities of the student.
So what exactly is front end developing?
Front end developers are the coders who use a programming language like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make the part of the website which is visible to the end-user.
What is the importance of a front end developer?
Front end developers make a website look beautiful and engaging which attracts more users towards the website. It is crucial to have a good looking website as an ugly looking one can have a bad impression.
“The first impression is the last impression” a good looking website not only attracts more visitors but also compels them to revisit the website.
Who is eligible to become a front end developer?
Anyone with creative and innovative presentation skills is a great match for this profile. You don’t need to be rocket science to understand and learn web developing.
And now the billion-dollar question How to become a “Front end developer in 6 months? “

So at its very base front end involves using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Let’s go through them one by one -‘
HTML – HTML is the first thing a web developer learns, it gives a webpage structure or base this is where the programming language gets its name from “Hypertext Markup Language”.
You can consider it as the skeleton system of a website.

To learn HTML from the base you can use websites like W3School or khan academy as they have one of the best beginner-friendly courses for HTML.
According to me, an average student can learn intermediate HTML skills in a month by just investing a month into it.

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CSS – CSS is the part where you start to add skin to the skeleton system i.e. make it look beautiful and resourceful.
Cascading style sheets or CSS is used by every front-end developer worldwide to make stunning webpages.

CSS needs creativity and artisticness so let your mind wander around and think about possible ways to make your website even more stunning.
An investment of 15-20 days can give you a pretty good grasp over CSS.

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Javascript – The functioning or nervous system of the website is constructed through javascript. It adds all the functionalities which make it look engaging and gives it features of an advanced website.
You should probably invest approx 2 months into it as it is more complex than CSS and HTML.
“A Project to put all your learning into” – After learning and practicing the big three of Front end development its finally time to put your skills into test by making a fully functional website.
But always remember practise is the key to achieve any skill.

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I hope this article helps you and answers your query regarding front end development.
And if you are interested in becoming a front end developer stay tuned as Techbuster is preparing a course for front end development. This course compromises all the necessities which you need to learn to become a front end developer.
Comment down for queries and questions regarding front end web development.

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