How to check compromised emails

Want to know is your account has been compromised in the data breach or not?

A data breach is an incident that exposes illegal access to your valuable sensitive data of an individual, services, or organization. It generally occurs due to the poor security of an entity or due to the poor security of an individual error.

It can also be done with some techniques such as


Malware is any spiteful software that causes damage to a computer, service or a network. There are several types of malware that design for a particular task such as trojans, worms, spyware, adware, keylogger, etcetera.

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Social Engineering

Social Engineering is an attempt to gain your sensitive information through human communications. Cybercriminals use your phone number or email from your social accounts and interact with you to share your personal information on behalf of some falsely claims that you win a jackpot or something else.

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Insider Misuse

Employees in the organization can also misuse their privileges that have given to perform their role, this can only be done if the organization doesn’t set up proper access controls. Sometimes due to small errors, employees can also get into the trap of attackers. Ransomware virus is the most common example of this attack.

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Are you secure?

have I been pwned

It is a website that checks your email address has been compromised in a data breach or not. Just you need to put down your email address on the website.

You can also find the breached websites here just you need to go in the who’s been pwned section

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