How to contribute your notes

Well, you did handwork by making notes, be humble and contribute to the whole student community, GEU’s ACM regularly gives tips to there contributes and well-wishers. but we do request you to upload handwritten notes, as other notes might to subject to copyright issues. currently, we are providing two ways to contribute notes

1. Join our contributors whats app group directly

Contribute by joining out WhatsApp group of ACM contributes and send notes in it. notes will be uploaded in the app as soon as possible, by the team members.

join our group

2. By using our app

you can send your notes easily by using our app(this method basically uses e-mail so you can directly send e-mail to [email protected]).The steps are mention below

  • open our app
  • click on give feedback
  • fill your details (leave if you don’t want to get goodies)
  • click on send your phone will show a list of email apps use any email provider you want just attach notes to e-mail file and send them.

thank you for your contribution.

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