how to create a fake email address

What is a Fake Email Address?

A Fake email is the temporary email address that does not require any registration process. It is also known as disposable and throwaway email. and It is used for various purposes such as website testing, untrusted websites, advertisement, etcetera. If you are using a temporary email then you are safe to avoid leaking your information and also avoid being tracked.

There are lots of temporary email services that create a temporary, free instant email address.

#1 TempMail

Temp mail is a free temporary email service that allows the user to receive an email in a random temporary address.

They also provide you to create your own fake email address just you need to click on the change button (as shown in the above picture)

#2 Email Fake

Email Fake is also a temporary email service that can create fake email addresses which is usually valid up to 41 days.

You can also write your own username and also change the search domain that you like

#3 Throw Away Mail

ThrowAwayMail is a disposable email address service. It can generate a new email address every 48 hours and you just need to solve one captcha every time. When an email address has expired, the email address and any other received emails will be gone.

#4 Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is mostly same as temp-mail and it is also a temporary mailbox that creates fake emails. You can also customize your own usernames and domains. The inbox section will be refresh every after 5 seconds.

#5 Email Generator

Email Generator is a temporary email service that generates temporary email address that is valid for up to 40 days. You can also create your custom name address and also select the different search domains.

Note: Use a temporary email address for good purpose only

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