How to read Whatsapp message without letting the sender know it?

In today’s world, privacy is a big deal and no one wants any kind of excuse related to this, even if it’s not letting others let them know if you secretly reading their messages.

In this article, we will discuss how you can read the messages without letting the sender knowing it at all.

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Method 1: Think out of the box

In this trick you what you will do is you turn the table which means disconnecting WhatsApp from any way to communicate like from switching on airplane mode. Follow the steps below.

  1. First, do not open the received message and turn off wifi, mobile data and put the phone on airplane mode.
  2. Now open WhatsApp and read the message as usual.
  3. Once done get out of WhatsApp.
  4. When confirmed that the app is fully closed, disable airplane mode.
  5. And open WhatsApp the sender will not notice that you have read the messages.

Method 2: Read from Notifications

As usual, you can also read messages from the notification, this method doesn’t need an explanation but its quite good to read short messages without alerting the sender. But do not mistakenly tap on the notification cause it will trigger the app and the sender will be notified.

Method 3: Turn off Read Receipt

The most common way of not letting the sender inform that you are reading in the conversation or reading messages is also provided by WhatsApp itself.

Turn this off!

Read Receipts is an option for that. Just go to Whatsapp setting>privacy and here turn off the Read Receipts and the sender will not be able to find out if you have read the message or not cause there will be no blue tick in there messages. And that’s it you have become an agent! (Sort of!! 🙂

Thanks for reading and ya keep wondering!!

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