How to recover deleted files?

so, many of you have deleted some of your important files, and then beg something could be done. so, today in the long series of how to we are going to tell you how to recover from such a deadly scenario, where you have lost all the hard work of yous in a click. and yes, we are gone provide you some genuine solution, which has been trusted and used by us.

try to search in temp file

you computer save a temporary copy of the file you have been working on, and if you accidentally deleted the file you might expect that you find the same file in a big chunk of temporary files, this method is effective, only if you have open the file recenty, and file size is quite small , now how this trick

  • try to search in tem file
  • just open the run prompt (search run in the windows home menu)
run promt
  • type %temp% in the run , hit enter
list of temp files
  • you will see a list of all temp files available there

take the software help

there are many software out there for recovering the deleted file, tons of softwares, but my personal fav. is recuva

its free version is enough for your need if you want to recover from a damaged drive the paid version can use used, but cheer up man, it’s India who buys software here.

how Recuva words?

  • simply download it from the link… ecuva
  • install it, select the disk from where the data got deleted.
  • The best for Recuva is you can connect your phone, and s.d. card to it, recover the deleted file
  • After a scan Recuva will show you will it be able to recover a file or not
  • If it is able to recover the files, go recover your faith.

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