How to spy on someone’s phone with truthspy and get all of their details in a few minutes!

In today’s world, security is given the most priority and no like to keep their personal data to be leaked out in public. But there are ways by which details about any person can be extracted but no I am not talking here about the deep hacking tutorials. This article is like a 5-min craft which will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes’s agent. (maybe not just kidding.)

In this article, we will be talking about how we can spy on someone’s personal data from their smartphones without letting them know it.

TheTruthSpy – Hidden Spy App

The TruthSpy is one of the best apps to spy on others and keep a track of their crucial information with you.

Why do we have to spy?

Spying doesn’t mean that you are doing something illegal sometimes its necessary like a boss wants to know his/her employee’s behavior or what they are thinking about him or their job or like parental control over their children’s phone that what are they getting busy in?

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How to Install and Use it-

Now that’s where the interesting part comes in, let’s follow the steps-

Step 1. Make physical access to your victim’s device.

You need to ask your victim or by some random opportunity need to get to access it.

Step 2. Download and Install TheTruthSpy app on their smartphones

Go to the browser and search for truthspy and open the first website which will look like this..

Now scroll down and download the app for the device. (android or iPhone)

Step 3. Go to the phone setting and turn on installation from unknown sources

Step 4. Now install the application on the victim’s device

It will look like this

Step 5. Open it and create your account

login with your Gmail or other account but don’t forget it, and also put a password with it.

Step 5. Give the app all permissions

allow all to make the app work properly

Step 6. Hide and Start the app

it will hide the app so that the user doesn’t find it suspicious

Step 7. Now leave the victim’s phone you have done the half work

Now you can do the rest of the work on your device which is just monitoring.

Step 8. Open the browser on your smartphone or pc and go to and click on the login

Login with the id and password that you used to create the account earlier.

Step 9. You will be logged in your account with all the details of the device in which you have installed the app

That’s it you can now you can spy on their smartphone like an agent and they won’t even know it.

Thanks for reading keep wondering!

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