How to turn your Android into a Hacking machine without rooting your device!

Can you do it?

Don’t have Linux, parrot os? Not even a pc? Still wish to add the hacking part in your life? Wanna get that Watch Dog feel? Then don’t worry you are still ready to nail it all.

Termux: The all in one application

Termux is an android application that is worth to be installed on your android device. It is one of the best Linux terminal emulator available to date and without the need of root its all set to go. A Terminal emulator is an application that gives the user the Command Line Interface(CLI) in a graphical environment.

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Why Termux?

As we all know that termux is the most popular among other terminal emulators. And sometimes even known as a Hacking Machine. Well that’s because of its not a standalone application. Like Kali linux, parrot OS and other distributed hacking OS , we can run various hacking scripts in its console.

We can install various hacking and pentesting tools in it just like anyone can expect from a hacking device. It supports Python, ruby, ssh and various lovely things. Our android is also a modified linux kernel, that’s why termux easily connect to the various file operations and features for running bash files, installing and running various scripts.

Image by Prayad Kosasaeng from Pixabay

How to install on your device?

It’s that simple as opening a jar of pickle.(Just a lame joke..)

  1. Just go to your android play store or click here and install the application.
  2. Once it’s installed you will be prompted by a message installing, which means it is downloading some basic modules for the app to run.
  3. Now you can install and run various bash or scripts.
  4. And that’s it you are ready to start hacking with your android device.

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