Howdy alphas, once again I am here as promised (Hey there). Anyways, in my last blog, I told you that I would write on human emotions, and that is what I am going to do right now. So, today’s topic is interesting, as well as complicated. Well, as per Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, there are eight basic human emotions- joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation, which he believed overlapped with each other, just like a color wheel. However, emotions are more complicated than only these eight emotions overlapping. But still, we all have heard someone saying that emotions are useless. Well, is that so? The answer is…not at all, and it is not an opinion, it’s a fact.

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Yeah, I know, why would you believe me, right? But I have got proof (Unfortunately this time, he is correct). There is a very intriguing case study, which I read about, in ‘The Social Animal’ by David Brooks. Elliot suffered damage to the frontal lobes of his brain as the result of a tumor. Elliot was quite intelligent and had a cynical view of the world, but after his surgery, he began having trouble managing his days. He’d set out to file a report but then end up reading them and spend his whole day reading them. He spent hours deciding where to have lunch but still couldn’t settle on a place; he even made foolish investments and then suffered huge losses.

After all this frustration, he went to see a scientist named Antonio Damasio (He is real, you can Google him). He did some battery tests on him and found that Elliot had a superior IQ. But in many hours of conversation with Elliot, he discovered that the man showed no emotions. So, Damasio showed him pictures of earthquakes, fires, accidents, and floods. And Elliot knew how to respond on seeing those images but didn’t feel anything which made Damasio thinking, that if the effects of him being emotionless, is bent to his decision making? So after the research on the topic, he found out that Elliot understood how to imagine different options when making a decision but what Elliot couldn’t do was actually make the choice.

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There was another Damasio’s research subject, a middle-aged man who lost his emotional functions in a brain injury. When the session finished, Damasio assigned two dates to the man for his suitability. He pulled out his datebook and began listing the pros and cons for both the days. This continued for the next half an hour, and then Damasio interrupted the man and just assigned him a date to return. Without a pause, the man said, “That’s fine” and went away.

All of this proves only one thing that emotions are essential in decision making. So, there is no harm in being emotional, and it surely doesn’t mean that you are dumb or a fool. Well, anyway, we started by saying that human emotions are complicated. Well, in my opinion, yes because it has happened with all of us that sometimes we are sad for no real reason or we are happy. Why is it like that? I mean, it happens with me like all the time. Sometimes, we know something is wrong, but we still do it, I mean why? Well, unfortunately, I have no answer to these things.

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But during my surfing on the internet, I found a fifteen-year-old girl from California (We won’t be disclosing her name) on a random chatting site. She told me about her sister, whose boyfriend abuses her daughter and herself and still, her sister didn’t have any problem with that because according to her, she loved that man irrespective of his actions (I mean, WHAT? Seriously?). And yeah, I know what you all are thinking, what about her daughter? Well, the reply shook me to the end of my toes. She considered her daughter as a curse and blamed her for all the problems in her life. She had her when she was a minor, well after that I was just speechless, and I couldn’t utter a word up to my throat. It was so dreadful hearing that, for her daughter, and still she loved that asshole.

And the worst thing, you cannot even judge her sister because it’s what emotions are. Maybe I’d be doing something similar to that in my future, who knows? Well, this blog is, I know, not that logically convincing but still, it’s the truth. If what you’re doing is like the worst thing, it does not mean you are a psychopath; it’s just your surroundings, the game of your emotions. Okay, now I am just concluding this, catch you all later with my next blog. 


PS: I apologize if I said something that I shouldn’t have, whatever it was, it was an act of innocence and please contact me on my mail: [email protected], I am open for any advice or criticism.

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