Install custom ROM on android to make it look and work better than before!

Hello geekers out there, ever get bored of your base android look? Wanna change the way it feels better and put a boost to its performance? Well, there’s a way, by installing a custom android ROM on your device.

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What is a custom ROM?

Most of you have heard the term ROM which means Read-Only memory but that’s not what we are talking here. Android ROMs are more of a sort of android firmware on which the android works. When you buy a new android device it comes with a stock ROM or can say stock android/firmware or anything else, officially released by Google inc.

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And as we know android is open-source and hence can be modified by any developer, edit or re-uploaded with some minor or major changes. And that means most of the ROMs are free and can be installed on Android smartphones, watches, tablets or any other devices running on android. Custom ROMs are quite popular because of there unique features, mods and various enhancements that make them suitable for different users.

How to install one on your device?


I am not responsible for any kind of damage you do to your android device. But that doesn’t mean that you will damage your device it is possible if you did something wrong.*Do not plug out your phone while the process and make sure it is above 75% charged.


  1. A rooted android device. (with stock recovery or any custom recovery installed like TWRP etc.)
  2. USB cable
  3. A PC
  4. Internet Connection


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  1. First of all, connect your android to your computer, and reboot it into the recovery mode( by pressing the power button and volume up or home button when restarting your device.)
  2. Then download a custom ROM according to your choice. (Need help finding ROMs click here to know better about various ROMs )
  3. Also, download Gapps cause many custom ROMs don’t come with it.
  4. Now in the recovery mode select format and clear cache or personal data option according to your choice.
  5. After successfully formatting your device go to install from zip/storage and choose the custom ROM file on your storage which you downloaded ( usually comes in .zip format) and select install.
  6. Have patience and let it install.
  7. After when it says installation completed, again go to storage and install Gapps which you downloaded or came with the ROM file.
  8. When it has been installed, simply plug out your device from the computer and select restart in the recovery menu.
  9. And you will get the new custom android running on your smartphone.

Thanks for reading,keep wondering!

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