Mastering the Wordplay game

Hello, my dear emcees, as we are done with the basics, I thought that it would be better to go for a little deeper topic. Today I want to talk about something that is the key to the listener’s heart. And if you master it you will be widely respected.

What is wordplay?

Wordplay is just a “play on words”, you can use words that sounds the same or you can chop down larger words into smaller words using words that have more than one meaning. Wordplay is more of a technique you use to make things more interesting. As a writer practicing wordplay is the best thing you will do for yourself. It is the best way to get your audience indulged in your songs.
A lot of rappers these days do not pay attention to these things because it takes some time to come up with something clever. But what they really are missing here is the sense of pride and fulfillment you will find when you get that desired reaction from your audience after you spit something dope.
C’mon, no one wants to end up like Lil Yachty or Lil pump with no talent. If you wanna be respected in this art, you will have to show your skills! I am planning to divide this topic into two parts (double entendre are also a part of wordplay so technically it will be a series of 3 parts). And today we are going to know 3 methods you can use to enhance your wordplay. Let’s just get into it-

Some methods –

1- Choose a phrase and try to find all possible ways the phrase can be spelled- Try to find an exact match for words in the phrase like used to, use two, abuse too, abuse two, youths too, etc.
2- Find a match for each individual word in the phrase- If we take the example above in consideration for this one too, what you have to do is, to find homonyms for the word used and to separately. Like for used it will be, used (as adjective and verb), youths, etc and for it will be too, too, etc.
Personally, I prefer the 1st method more than the latter. But you can choose the second too if it fits your style.
3- I don’t really know what to call this method. But what you have to in this is, you have to repeat the use of similar-sounding words. For example here is a line from Eminem notice the wordplay here-
“Till I’m topplin’ from the top I’m not gonna stop, I’m standing on my monopoly board. That means I’m on top of my game and it doesn’t stop till my hip don’t hop anymore.”
Notice the repetition of the word ‘top’. I don’t know why but I love this one a lot, this is from a song by Hopsin it goes like- “ I love Christ but you wouldn’t wanna cross me”
So, there you have it it was the first part of the series on mastering the wordplay, where I gave you the methods on how to do some basic wordplay. If you want you can check out my post on Double entendre. And if you have any problem with rhyming stuff you can check my guide on how to rhyme like a pro.
That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed it, make sure to leave a comment if you have any problems. And I shall see you guys the next time. Adios, for now, peace out!

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