OSIF: Gather information about your facebook friends and play tricks with their accounts!

Well, hello their geeky fellows, are you on social media? Even using Facebook? the world’s top used social networking platform. Think you are safe? Well, this post is just for those who are in this wrong thought! Cause anyone can gather information regarding your account like Phone number which is kept hidden in facebook itself.

OSIF or Open Source Information Facebook

It is one of the best facebook account information gathering tool out there! And by the way, it’s basically a python script that does all the fun stuff. But wait there, if you think you need to have a good knowledge of programming to use this. You are wrong it’s way easier than you think. And cause it’s just a python program you can also do this on your Kali Linux. So let’s get started!

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Note: This article is just for educational purpose I am not responsible for any kind of damage regarding your data.

Instructions to install:

  1. First, go to the play store and install Termux. And if you don’t know about termux please have a look at my previous post. Guide to setup termux
  2. After installing just hit the command pkg install python2 && git (or you can install them separately)
  3. It will take a little while to download depending on your internet connection.
  4. Then copy this link https://github.com/CiKu370/OSIF and open termux again.
  5. Now type the following code git clone and paste the link you copied and press enter, it will start downloading the osif in termux.
  6. now follow my commands
  7. cd OSIF
  8. python2 osif.py (if it comes it with some kind of error like can’t import module requests.)
  9. Just enter another line pip install requests to install it manually.
  10. Now it will start and will look like this.
  11. Press help for the guide.
  12. Now write token and hit enter it will ask for your email id and password.
  13. Then press enter.
  14. You can access many options here like dump all the numbers or emails of your friends.
  15. There is even an option for a bot, which will do some fun with your friend’s accounts i.e reacting, commenting all of their posts which they have posted or even where they are tagged in all at once.
  16. You can do various things with this tool after a while of searching.

**Note: continuous use of this program with your account can sometimes temporary lock your id. So don’t use it too much without having the confidence of not losing your account. (temporarily)

Thanks for reading.. keep wondering!!

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