Surprise ’em with double entendre

We can see the use of double/ triple entendre, in everyday life, magazines, and of course in literature and music. If you pay close attention to yourself you may find yourself using them from time to time. It can be used for various purposes like making people laugh, irony or criticizing, etc. From Geoffery Chaucer to William Shakespeare to modern-day artists all have used double entendres in their works. So today we are going to see what is exactly this term “Double entendre” and how you can use it in your lyrics.

What is Double Entendre-

So basically double entendre is a phrase that is used to create some double meaning, you enunciate one thing clearly and the other indirectly. One can be the literary meaning and others be the hidden meaning left for the understanding of the listener. The hidden meaning can be an insult or risqué.
How to incorporate it in your lyrics-
First step: Make a list of words related to your topic.

Second: Now find the words that have multiple meanings (it is preferable if the meaning is somewhat related to your topic).

Third: Now try to create jokes or ironic lines using those lines. How I like to write it, is to create a setup generally a whole set of lines leading to meaning, and when the audience is ready, surprise them with the other meaning. Like, rappers like to play with the word beef, for example, you can use it like, “Been havin’ beef with everyone, told you I ain’t no vegan”. You can create a set-up for this like talking about your fights etc and deliver the pay off like this.

I am gonna end this with an example from Eminem’s famous song, Rap god-
“You’re witnessing a mass-occur like you’re watching a church gathering take place.
This was fairly a small topic but nevertheless I wrote this so that you can prepare yourself better! That’s all, for now, see you next time with another interesting thing stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check my previous article- THE SECRET TO RHYME LIKE A PRO.

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