Hello, my fellow emcees, if you are here then it means you are finding it difficult to rhyme, well don’t worry today we are going to discuss types of rhymes and rhyming patterns. We are also going to discuss about some of the exercises I do that have helped me personally.

This is going to be a series where I am going to be talking about technical aspects of rap, how to write a great verse filled with great bars. Lets start with


Types of Rhymes

1- Perfect rhyme

The name speaks for itself, its the type of rhyme which sounds exactly the same, like, time, dime, plunder, thunder, etc.

2- Imperfect rhyme

For example- Down, uptown, frown, etc.
For starters this is all you need to know, there is really no need to go deep into this because this is enough. The main thing is you will know what is rhyming and what is not, when you write a rap song. one thing you should try to develop is, to use internal rhyming schemes in your verses. Internal Rhymming can really enhance the beauty of the verse, but remember not to force it. It should be natural which will be developed through time.
I am gonna give you an example from one of my recent song-
I always had trouble with rhymes in my lines/ Right at the time I sit down for writting my lines//
Reciting and compiling all of the sh#t that I scribe/ as I grit and I smile, tryna picture my life//

I hope you got the idea now. Now lets move on to the types of rhyming schemes you can use in your verses-
1- ABAB Rhyme Scheme.
2-AABBA Rhyme Scheme.
3- AABB Rhyme Scheme.
4-AABA Rhyme Scheme.
5- AAAA Rhyme Scheme
(I use this kind of rhyming mostly).
You can experiment with the rhyming pattern and amaze the audience!
Now finally to the section where I will talk about what I did to get better at rhyming words, there are three exercises that I do regularly.

Exercises to improve rhyming skill

1- Whenever I am going somewhere, like collage, home or any other place. I search for things and start rhyming for example, if I see a bus, i will start thinking about words that rhymes with it, like cuss, adjust, discuss, abacus, pus, fuss, etc. This sharps the mind, you can try for yourself and then tell me what you felt about it.
2- Sometimes when I am all alone I try to freestyle, it does not matter if i say something that does not have any meaning the main goal here is to get those creative juices flowing. Try it before judging the method.
3- Whenever I don’t have any idea for a song I choose a song of any rapper, I start to break the verse bar per bar and then jot down the rhymes. Then, I start to make my own verse out of it, what it does is that we learn new words and commit them into memory.
These were some of my techniques to overcome my problem with the rhyming schemes, if you have some of your personal techniques feel free to share. That’s all for now, see you next time.

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