what is a ‘Phishing attack’ how to be safe?

so, this is our first article, the hacking series, here we are going to explain to you, how different types of attacks in the computer world and how they work, so we are going to start with phishing.

see websites, like google, facebook has become too advanced, I mean it’s not easy for anyone to hack them, see these website pay million dollars to there engineers to secure there site that’s where social engineering comes into work, who know the password of a user account??well it’s the use itself and the webserver. so you can’t hack into the webserver, because of it’s high-level security, but what about fooling users and gaining the password of your desire?? this is what phishing is

so how you must be thinking how phishing is done, for doing phishing you need to create the exact same log in page of the website , you want to target, a script to save password in a txt file and use the log in and password of the victim to log into site, so the victim never knows he has been hack.and ya do remember you will need a web hosting and domain for that page.

black cat and computer

ok, if you can’t do any of the above stuff don’t worry, na there are, many websites and resources to help you out, for doing phishing I will post them very next day.

now imagine you have created a phishing page, how you will make the victim log into the site, there are many methods, by sending an e-mail to the victim about some updates from his account, when he click on this link the page open, by setting the phishing page as the home page in victim’s browser, i will discuss them later

how to be safe?

so, here are some tips you can follow to be safe from phishing

  • Always check the URL of a site, before login into the site!!! Especially if you are log in a social media site, never- ever log in if the URL looks different. Also check for the https.
  • If you ever got an-email regarding the change in your FB password, or some updates, asking you to log-in, do check the sender before clicking on it.
  • Never use the same passwords, if you ever got hack all your passwords are gone.
  • Always have an eye on your accounts activity
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