‘Rooting android’ almost extinct?

i still remember those day, when rooting phone was everyone’s dream,rooted phone was like hammer of thor.

so, rooting is the process of attaining the full root access of your phone, it gives you the privilege of modifying the software of your phone, which the phone manufacturer won’t allow you to install.

rooting gives you more access to the phone’s ability, but many manufacturers won’t allow you to do it but it removes the eligibility of your device to get support your device, many manufacturers wouldn’t provide you warranty and support for rooted device.

so, many apps like could help you to root your phone, easily like MAGISK ROOT, FARMA ROOT, KINGO ROOT allow you to root your android devices, so you can get the superuser access easily.

Photo by Tinh Khuong on Unsplash
Photo by Tinh Khuong on Unsplash

what superpower rooting will give to my phone?

rooting doesn’t give power to your phone, it simply allows you to gain full access to your phone, you can use those apps in the market to hack wi-fi using men in the middle attack, or get some cool features of new versions of android in old, increase your smartphone’s performance.but do remember if your phone got infected by malware, boom it too will get access to more of you device “with more power there come more responsibility bro”

why the craze of rooting is extinct?

2 years back everyone was crazy about rooting, actually rooting then provides more advanced features to the common crowd out there, and also smartphones use to launch yearly. now every day there is hype about a new smartphone, moreover there too many brands out there, even more than stand-up comedians.

but now the scenario has completely changed, I am already getting what I want in my smartphone, cool icon pack, good processing speed, and ram, moreover the cheap internet over the years have made people lazy, yes most of them are busy gaming online, and other stuff rather than enjoying utilizing the power of smartphone.

moreover, the companies nowadays, don’t want us to change the rom, take control over smart phones, that’s why rooting is in the way of exitance.


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