why crypto-jacking is almost dead

cypto jacking is using somebody’s resources to mine crypto-currencies, and it was quite popular back in 2017-18 but not it is almost dead but why?

It’s Now Harder to Mine Bitcoin Than Ever


so, crypto mining has become even harder in a few years, the major crypto is very hard to mine.. and their difficulty rate will keep increasing with time. so, it’s worthless to mine crypto from pcs, moreover, site can use crypto-jacking to mine other crypto but they does not even worth the efforts, so major sites are switching to traditional adds again.

coinhive is dead

coinhive was the platform that made crypto-jacking possible, coin hive was the platform that provides the script which can be used for crypto jacking by inserting into the site, almost 60% of cryptojacking involves the use of coin hive. but since the coinhive was shut down on March 2019. it has created a void in cryptojacking.

crypto is losing its value

yes, bitcoin was never able to reach its peak again, nor other cryptocurrencies, which is leading people to lose interest in crypto and since the market of crypto is dying, developing countries like India has already banned the use of cryptocurrencies. also, the value of crypto is decreasing form a long time.

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